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Elite Residence International in Partnership with Sotheby’s International Realty

At Elite Residence International, powered by the esteemed Sotheby’s International Realty network, we offer unparalleled relocation services that cater to the sophisticated demands of a global clientele. Founded by Christina Pope, a seasoned expert in international real estate, we bring together two powerful brands that form a robust global network designed to provide you with an exceptional real estate experience.

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Founder’s Insight – Christina Pope

With extensive experience in luxury markets from Beverly Hills to Dubai, Christina Pope has a refined understanding of what constitutes a luxury lifestyle and wise investment. Her career, marked by successful dealings with high-profile individuals from CEOs to fashion industry leaders, underscores her capability to navigate complex markets and cater to the unique needs of discerning clients. Christina’s dedication to integrity and client satisfaction makes Elite Residence International your perfect partner in finding real estate gems worldwide.

For Buyers Moving to Los Angeles

Let us guide you through the luxurious enclaves of Los Angeles, from the exclusive, sunlit hillsides of Beverly Hills to the iconic shores of Santa Monica. Our community guides are enriched by Christina's insights into creating a plush living experience that meets both lifestyle aspirations and investment criteria.

We understand that your time is valuable. Guided by Christina’s philosophy of efficient and personalized service, our team ensures a smooth process from property search to closing, facilitating a seamless transition into your new Los Angeles home.

Adjusting to a new city is made effortless with our bespoke settlement services. Whether it's local introductions, lifestyle adjustments, or home customization, our team is committed to helping you quickly feel at home.

For Clients Relocating Nationally or Internationally

Whether relocating within the US or internationally, leverage our extensive network. We ensure that the agents we connect you with adhere to the highest standards of service and local expertise, as Christina herself would demand.

Drawing on Christina’s vast experience with high-profile clients and complex transactions, we meticulously select real estate professionals who are best suited to meet your specific needs, ensuring a relocation experience characterized by expertise, trust, and personal attention.

Our commitment extends beyond just connecting you with agents. We actively oversee the search and transaction processes, ensuring your needs are perfectly met, just as Christina has always ensured for her clients.

Partner with Elite Residence International and Sotheby’s International Realty to navigate the complexities of the luxury real estate market. Whether your journey is taking you to or from Los Angeles, across the nation, or around the globe, our expert team, led by Christina Pope, is here to ensure a seamless and satisfying relocation experience. Contact us today to discover how our global network and expert services can meet your luxury real estate needs.

Work With Christina

With a deep knowledge of international real estate cultivated through her tenure in the Dubai market and extensive travel to other luxury destinations, Christina possesses a refined understanding of the hallmarks of upscale lifestyle.

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